ok, it was a nice time to play around with msvdm (microsoft virtual desktop manager) but now its time to get rid of this immature piece of crap and search for alternatives.

i already found a solution i could live with, for the problem with excel (disappearing toolbar) but yesterday while i was trying to finish my mastherthesis (yes - i use ms word to write it), msvdm caused serious problems.

i think you should try to prevent having one instance of ms word running "in one virtual desktop" and another one "in a second virtual desktop". i think msvdm caused a crash of ms word, because i closed ms word in one desktop, hoping that it has no effect to the other instance. BAD IDEA! ...

another really annoying bug is, that msvdm is not really able to handle iexplore (i know i should change to firefox) on several virtual desktops.

That's it my friend msvdm - we had a nice time, but i think we just spent to much time together ... It's not your fault, it's ... well ... actually ... it is your fault - i hope the uninstall routine doesn't cause any troubles

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