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maybe you have the same problems to solve ... keep smiling ;)



recently i found a really nice site to download virtual appliances.

Turnkey Linux is an open source project that's developing a family of free, Ubuntu-based software appliances which are optimized for ease of use in server-type usage scenarios and can be deployed in just a few minutes on bare metal, a virtual machine and in the cloud.

here are some of the supported appliances:

unfortunately there is no TikiWiki Appliance, maybe i will put it together ...



Here is the solution ...

check out this link (while you are logged on on google):

GoogleCode does have a generated password instead of using your general google password - took me about hours ... at least it felt like ;)




I just found this freeware for my htc touch diamond:
Call Firewall 1.4

i will give it a try and report if it's working as expected.

Here is a list of the features:
a. Accecpt all calls - pretty self explainatory
b. Accept call from My Contacts only - accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected
c. Reject all calls - pretty self explainatory
d. White List - accepts calls only from the white listed nos
e. Black List - accepts all call except from the black listed nos
f. Black List Pattern - any no STARTING from the black list pattern list is rejected.
for eg. if you enter "123", so all nos STARTING from "123" will be rejected
this is a very nice option with which you can block nos from any particular network, country, city , area or whatever you can think of.

updated features:
1. Added option to reject unknown / private / withheld nos
2. Option to Add Accepted calls as calendar appointment
3. Option to Add Rejected calls as calendar appointment
4. Toggle Option to show 'CallFirewall' in 'running programs' / Task Managers
5. Save User Settings so that it remains intact upon restart.
6. Completely revamped UI to accomodate new options


Yesterday i tried to boot my dell d505 from a external usb cd rom. unfortunatelly the bios change didn't take effect.

If you have the same problem - here is the clue:

Try to remove the internal cd/dvd drive from your laptop and boot it up with the external drive. That could fix the problem.

have a nice day


i just tried to install ubuntu on a usb-hdd on my compaq 8510p. Everything seemed to work properly except i got the error:

Grub Error 17: Cannot Mount Selected Partition
the solution was pretty simple:
i switched to edit mode in the boot menue (select a boot-option from the list and press 'e')
then i tried to change the entry root (hd1,0)
changing to hd0,0 worked as expected

to make the whole step permanent i searched in /boot/grub/ for 'hd1,0' and found menu.lst

there i changed the entries for the main- and the compatibility- boot option to 'hd0,0' and restarted the computer

result: works as expected *hurray*