i'm currently using msvdm (microsoft virtual desktop manager) and excel and had to realise that it's not working in a harmonic way.

if excel is active and you switch to another (virtual)desktop, then back again - one more time microsoft's annoying bug-devil hits you (the menu bar disappears).

i did a little online - research and found some workarounds

  1. make yourself a makro to reload the toolbar-file (excel11.xbs)
    described here http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-1064036.php
  2. it will also help to minimize the excel window before you leave to another virtual desktop
    which is not really a solution for this problem - but it seems to work

both of the workarounds work, but i'd actually recommend to

  • make a simple shortcut (classic windows shortcut) to the toolbar-file (excel11.xbs) which should be located somewhere like c:\documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\microsoft\excel\ and
  • assign a keyboardshortcut like [ctrl]+[alt]+a.

it'll work perfectly fine everytime you lose your toolbar (and you dont have to bother the macro editor ;))

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