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maybe you have the same problems to solve ... keep smiling ;)

... here you go ... watch out the red paintings ...

i'd once the honor to hear them live in brisbane (best place you can probably be!!!!), australia ...

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This how-to is still "under construction" I just published it, because i think lots of people are suffering the same problem

[update]New Version available![/update]

Watch out my static 'About me' - page

'cause of a mysterious motivation boost i sat down yesterday night in front of my laptop, and tried to find is a way for "real-looking" static pages on blogspot.

and to make a long story short there is a way, to get professional looking static pages!

... i will still invest some work into this topic, but for now i will show you how it works with my 'quick-and-dirty' method (the breaking idea comes from hoctro's adding a frontpage tutorial).

here we go ...

1) let's start
add a page element (HTML/JavaScript) somewhere in the layout and drag it to show up before the 'blog post' section

2) change the layout
go to Layout - Edit HTML and enable the checkbox for Expand Widget Templates (do yourself a favour and SAVE your template before you change it)

3) search for the head-tag
and add the following lines of code directly after this tag

4) after the closing head-tag
you should find the body-tag - there you add onload='doIT()'

[body onload='doIT();']

5) now the magic happens!
search for your widget you added in step 1 (title) and add line 4 and 12

[b:widget id='HTML5' locked='false' title='About me' type='HTML']
[b:includable id='main']
[!-- static content starts--]
[b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://[YOURBLOG]"']
[!-- only display title if it's non-empty --]
[b:if cond='data:title != ""']
[h2 class='title'][data:title/][/h2]
[div class='widget-content']
[/b:if][!-- static content --]

6) we are nearly finished ...
search for widget blog1 and add lines 3 to 5

[b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog']
[b:includable id='nextprev']
[b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl']

7) last one ...
edit your HTML/Javascript Widget you added in step 1
open the html view and add these lines

after that step, you can finally add your content!

So That's IT ... i know - it's not the easiest way, but i'm thinking of rewriting it to make it a bit easier. Maybe i even create a own widget to make it more comfortable to use

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ok, it was a nice time to play around with msvdm (microsoft virtual desktop manager) but now its time to get rid of this immature piece of crap and search for alternatives.

i already found a solution i could live with, for the problem with excel (disappearing toolbar) but yesterday while i was trying to finish my mastherthesis (yes - i use ms word to write it), msvdm caused serious problems.

i think you should try to prevent having one instance of ms word running "in one virtual desktop" and another one "in a second virtual desktop". i think msvdm caused a crash of ms word, because i closed ms word in one desktop, hoping that it has no effect to the other instance. BAD IDEA! ...

another really annoying bug is, that msvdm is not really able to handle iexplore (i know i should change to firefox) on several virtual desktops.

That's it my friend msvdm - we had a nice time, but i think we just spent to much time together ... It's not your fault, it's ... well ... actually ... it is your fault - i hope the uninstall routine doesn't cause any troubles


one more time RANDY PAUSCH!

god bless ya!


I just experienced that Oracle SQLDeveloper 1.5.1 has a bug, if you try to export a result as a insert-script.

The delimeters in the VALUE clause are dots instead of commas.

To fix this you have to change your preferences (Tools-Preferences-Database-NLS Parameters). There you set Group Seperator to , (comma) and change the Decimal Seperator to . (dot)
!!! it is important to change the Decimal Seperator as well - it wont work if Group- and Decimal Separator are the same !!!

I don't know why it doesn't work if you change the General Export Parameter to , (comma) but the workaround works just fine.


just found that video on youtube - even if it's off topic i think everybody should get a chance to learn a lesson ... so watch it - seldom saw something more inspiring

btw. i'm currently watching the long version ... and if you listen carefully somewhere around 2:50 you'll realise that it's not completely off topic ;) ... love his kind of humour

randy pausch - rest in peace and deepest symphaty!


i'm currently using msvdm (microsoft virtual desktop manager) and excel and had to realise that it's not working in a harmonic way.

if excel is active and you switch to another (virtual)desktop, then back again - one more time microsoft's annoying bug-devil hits you (the menu bar disappears).

i did a little online - research and found some workarounds

  1. make yourself a makro to reload the toolbar-file (excel11.xbs)
    described here
  2. it will also help to minimize the excel window before you leave to another virtual desktop
    which is not really a solution for this problem - but it seems to work

both of the workarounds work, but i'd actually recommend to

  • make a simple shortcut (classic windows shortcut) to the toolbar-file (excel11.xbs) which should be located somewhere like c:\documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\microsoft\excel\ and
  • assign a keyboardshortcut like [ctrl]+[alt]+a.

it'll work perfectly fine everytime you lose your toolbar (and you dont have to bother the macro editor ;))