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my new favorite site

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>   Dear Frederik,
> Hello.

Hi! Please, learn to quote properly in your e-mail messages.
You can learn from how I do - I promise you that proper
quoting is not patented.

> - We know all about your immature responses to rights owners.

What did you expect? I mean, I still wet my pants damnit, but
only when I'm scared by big mighty policemen like you. Now you
need to pay for another cleaning :-(.
> Not when the ultimate content (ie. of the combined torrents)

What the [my mom told me not to swear, so I deleted this word] is
a combined torrent?

> belongs to third parties ... ... these are their rights to
> exploit, not yours (as you shall no doubt discover).

Now that's what I call a miserable attempt at a cliff-hanger.
Let me guess, you failed your literature classes? Just like you
failed law school and the police academy, and became MR WEB SHERIFF.
John, is that you?



change the config.php.ini file in \joomla\mambots\editors\tmedit\popups\ImageManager\ ...

either the entry for $BASE_ROOT or the entry for $BASE_DIR is not correct ...

i had to change the $BASE_DIR because it seems like $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; doesn't really return the correct directory


$BASE_DIR = "E:/FTP/User/www/test/";
if your user-directory isn't the same like the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; you probably also have to change the show_image - function in image.php file (same directory) to make everything working
$img_url = $BASE_URL.$img_path.'/'.$img_file;

$img_url = '/user/test.$BASE_URL.$img_path.'/'.$img_file;
good luck ;)


Published: December 15, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is testing a new Web service intended to become a repository of knowledge from experts on various topics, one that could turn into a competitor to Wikipedia and other sites.

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BackTrack 3 Beta is out!

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Remote Exploit has done it! Again!The best security Distro, in its leanest, meanest and sexiest form ever.An official announcement is due tomorrow, and until then, the ISO and USB images are available on torrent.

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after the port of my joomla site i had the same problem with the g2 picturebridge like i had when i implemented it the first time ... the user synchronization just stopped without any further progress and without any error message

if you have the same problem try to setup all of the users you see in the user management dialog of the gallery2 component in gallery2 manually - then try to do the sync - now the problem should be gone ...


Fatal error: Undefined class name 'galleryembed' in xyz\mod_g2bridge_image.php on line 71
if that seems familiar to you you have to change the gallery2 module settings in your joomla-administration (thx to
  • Gallery 2 Path
  • Gallery 2 Url
  • Login URL
due to the Gallery2 FAQ (How can I move my gallery installation from one server to another?) a port of my local Gallery2 version would be to complex therefore i decided to re-install it on the isp-server and change the theme afterwards ...


after porting a joomla-site from my local computer to a isp-server i had the problem, that all the pictures css and js files seemed to be gone ... if you have the same problem you should check your configuration.php file in the root joomla-directory ...

take care that $mosConfig_live_site entry is correct (thx to ...

here are the changes you have to do in the configuration.php file (thx to

$mosConfig_host = 'xyz'; // database-server ('localhost')
$mosConfig_user = 'xyz'; // database-user
$mosConfig_password = 'xyz'; // database-password
$mosConfig_db = 'xyz'; // database-name
$mosConfig_absolute_path = '/xyz'; // absolute path without ending /
$mosConfig_live_site = 'http://www.domain.tld'; // domain without ending /
$mosConfig_cachepath = '/xyz/cache'; // absolute path to the cache-directory without ending /



joomla xampp to webserver

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recently i made a homepage for a friend of mine using joomla as a cms and the powerful gallery2 image gallery ... right now the site is working on a xampp-based environment on my computer and i have to port it onto a web server (ISP)

i don't have to be a prophet to know that there will be some problems during this procedure ...

here is the way i want to do the port ...

  1. export the mysql-db to a dump-file (joomla + gallery2)
  2. import the mysql-db on the mysql-server from the isp (joomla + gallery2)
  3. transfer the directories to the isp
  4. customize the configuration.php - file
... that's the plan ... let's see what happens

issue 1 - pictures, css, js files gone!?
issue 2 - gallery2 errors