>   Dear Frederik,
> Hello.

Hi! Please, learn to quote properly in your e-mail messages.
You can learn from how I do - I promise you that proper
quoting is not patented.

> - We know all about your immature responses to rights owners.

What did you expect? I mean, I still wet my pants damnit, but
only when I'm scared by big mighty policemen like you. Now you
need to pay for another cleaning :-(.
> Not when the ultimate content (ie. of the combined torrents)

What the [my mom told me not to swear, so I deleted this word] is
a combined torrent?

> belongs to third parties ... ... these are their rights to
> exploit, not yours (as you shall no doubt discover).

Now that's what I call a miserable attempt at a cliff-hanger.
Let me guess, you failed your literature classes? Just like you
failed law school and the police academy, and became MR WEB SHERIFF.
John, is that you?

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