i just stumbled upon this very NICE rom for my htc diamond (which is still vodafone branded).

This Multilanguage Rom Supports:
Official new HTC Diamond Touch Splash Added.
Diamond Touch Setup Customized
DISPLAY Driver Updated (More Fluid Feeling)
WLAN Driver Updated
GPS Driver Updated
Rilphone Driver (Basic Functions Of Phone Updated)
USB Driver Updated
CE & OS Build Updated To 20755 Of Every Language
Full Kernel Mode 5-7% More Speed Compared To Stock Rom. Credits To My Friend Swtos
ULDR Partition Removed 3 MB More Space Compared To Stock Rom. Credits To My Friend Swtos
G-sensor Calibrator Added From HTC Raphael
Internet Sharing 3 Option Menu Added From HTC Raphael
Touchflo Tweaks Added No Need For 3rd Party Tools
NetCF 3.5 RTM Added
Tweaks Deep On The System
12 MB Stable And Evaluated True Pagepool (Default 8 MB)
OPERA Removed You Can Install Latest Version Yourself! There Is Weekly A New Opera Build Out.
Optimizations To Save Storage Without Removing A Stock Application.
Welcome Center Removed
All Packages Wich Were Added Are From Official Stock Roms. No Modified Cabs Are Used On This ROM.

Please visit xda-developers for further informations or the chance to donate for this wonderfull work!

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