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Unfortunately it took a long time till i tried to simplify my former "how-to: Static Pages in Blogger ARE possible" [link], but here we go ...

I use the HTML/JavaScript widget to get the impression of static pages

Step 1: Layout -> Add a Gadget

Step 2: Basic -> HTML/JavaScript

Step 3: Add your static content and save

Step 4: Place it above the "Blog Posts"-Widget

Step 5: save your changes

now we have to hide this gadget (otherwise it would appear all the time before your blog actually starts - see screenshot below) – therefore we have to change the template (do yourself a favour and backup the template before you change something!!!)

Backup your template

Step 6: Activate the checkbox "Expand Widget Template"

Step 7: Search for the string “title='Blog Posts'” – that’s the first line of the post-widget
Your HTML/JavaScript widget should be direct above this widget

Step 8: To hide the widget we have to add a line of code

This way – you will only see the static content if you link to [YOURBLOG]

Step 9: To hide the Blog Posts while you are displaying the static content you have to add the following lines of code

Search for "id='nextprev'" and add the code directly under that line
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