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maybe you have the same problems to solve ... keep smiling ;)

I just found out how to resize the gnome-do docky:

  1. right click on the gnome-do icon in docky and activate either the trash or the clock
    that's the only way i found to get a divider into docky
  2. hover over the upper border of docky (directly above the divider) and you'll get the up/down arrow shown
  3. click and drag up/down to resize docky
that's it ... long search but trivial solution ;)



Here is a list of software i use on a every-day basis on my HTC Diamond

  • emoze basic [link] to get push mail from my gmail account
  • goosync client [link] to sync my google calendar (and all my contacts) over the air on a scheduled basis
  • tomtom 7 [link] as a perfect navigation solution
  • NoData [link] to be save when i travel abroad (disable all data transfer to save money)
  • s2u [link] to do a couple of things ... hav a look
this list is just to get a list of software which i have to reinstall as soon as i have enough time to upgrade my diamond to windows mobile 6.5


have a look at

50 Excellent AJAX Tutorials



have a look

btw: i really recommend to subscribe to this blog - you can find lots of usefull informations ... have fun


this is the first part of the guided video tour about learning jquery from beginner to expert knowledge

this is just the first part of the tutorial list go to in the woods to watch the rest of the tuts


another video about webdevelopment ... here you can have a look - how to work with css using firebug plugin

Using Firebug for CSS from kristarella on Vimeo.



A nice video on how to create webservices using the nebeans ide